Bustad Hyttetun offers basically everything that makes a Norwegian vacation attractive. There is plenty of space, quiet, complete silence, clean air, intense darkness with often brilliant starry skies. There are gravel roads to make kilometer long car rides, a huge amount of mountain paths to walk for hours, winding roads, spicy slopes and forest paths for mountain biking and lakes for swimming, canoeing or fishing. Wherever you look, you will see impressive scenic vistas. You can spend hours wandering around by car, bike or walk without meeting anyone. And with nothing but the sounds of birds and the rustling of the trees around you; maybe even see a moose.

At Bustad Hyttetun we have maps available for both cars, bicycles and walking. We can provide you all kinds of information to discover the most beautiful spots.

Click here for the various activities in the summer months and click here for the various possibilities during the winter months, and here for our outdoor activities. 

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