Skåbu is the highest permanently inhabited village in Norway and has about 600 inhabitants. The village is 900 meters above sea level and is located in the east, in the province of Oppland, about 90 km north of Lillehammer, and about 100 miles southeast of Lom.

Skåbu lies on the southern slope of the mountain Graho (1175 m). Because the village, and also Bustad Hyttetun, is located on the southern slope of the mountain it means we have a favorable location in relation to the sun. The area has a continental climate, which means hot summers and cold winters. In summer we can enjoyed the sun from early in the morning til late in the evening. In winter the sun is just above the mountains of Gålå and Fefor. As a result, we dont have long, dreary, dark days of winter. Snow in this area we from early November to mid April/early May.

The village has all necessary amenities such as a supermarket with post office, a petrol and service station, dining, pool and bus connections to  Vinstra and Lillehammer. Vinstra is the nearest town (25 km) with a wider range of shops, train station, car rental agency, police, etc.

The immediate surroundings of Skåbu offers excellent opportunities for endless walks, mountain biking, canoeing, fishing, horse riding, swimming, car rides, cross-country and downhill skiing. There are many possibilities, from simple short activities (eg children) to trips a day or several days to complete.

But holidays can of course also mean that you want to make that book you wanted to read for so long time freely whether to e.g. paint in peace. Again, you will find all the possibilities with us. How about a spot on the banks of the Olstappenmeer enjoying the magnificent views and listening to the silence that is heard here!

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