Norway is a country were you can walk for hours without meeting anyone. This is truly experiencing the nature a have a great time outdoors. Due to the weather in Norway this can also be challenging or even dangerous. Every year people need to be rescued of the mountains because they overestimated their capacities and the Norwegian climate. For this we offer courses to survive if you get stranded.


  • General outdoor knowledge. In this course, our guide will teach you in to be out in the wild, you learn to light a fire, build a shelter and to travel in a safe way in nature.  
  • Fishing course for beginner, during this course, you will learn everything that a fresh fisherman needs to know. One can choose between fishing in a river or on a lake with a fishing rod, nett or otters. The course is adapted to your needs. If the course is going to be with otters or nett we will use a boat. All the courses are led by an experienced fisherman.  
  • Shooting with a rifle under the supervision of an experienced hunter. Here you can shoot at targets that are located from 100-200 meters away. This takes place on the shooting range.