Winter in Norway can be long days with your skis skiing through the snowy landscape for hours on cross country tracks , but also hiking and enjoying the views, the sun and the mountains.

Snow Sure: that ’s no problem in Skåbu . From November until Easter there is enough snow for winter sports. It can get pretty cold , up to -20 º C is no exception, but with the dry air is feels much warmer. Often the sky is clear and then its really nice to enjoy the clear blue sky over the winter landscape. With almost no wind and the sun you can even sunbathe . The mountains in Norway are not high but remember that the north latitude, the (slightly thinner) air at 900 meters in Norway is similar to 2000 meters in the Alps.

As soon as the first snowflakes fall, you can get grab your skis and go ”på tur” with the whole family. Even the younger children are on skis and only the very small ones usually used a pulka (sled). The area is ideal for cross-country skiing for people who want to make a day trip: for apreski or bars we must disappoint you: this is self supporting with your backpack in true natur!