Hunting has a long tradition in Norway and is still a part of the lives of many Norwegians. In Skåbu Elk hunting has traditions that go far back in time. Hunting is restricted to many regulations, each year a quota it set for how many animals can be shot, this is depending on how large the population of the species is. The hunting can be categorized in several categories: hunting with traps, hunting of small game and big game hunting, we offer courses and guided training in all 3 categories.  

    • Hunting with traps, this is a hunting form that stakes several days. The first day the traps will be placed and you will learn basic things about hunting with the traps. The days afterwards we will check the traps and possibly learn how to skin animals and treat the skin. (seasonal)  
    • Small game, this hunting is done with a shotgun. The species that are most popular to hunt are grouse, hare and capercaillie. Here we go on foot to find the birds to hunt, we can also use a hunting dog to find the animals. (seasonal)
    • Fox-hunting, this can take place almost throughout the year. In the late summer and autumn a dog is used during the hunt, you can also lure the animals with a lure flute.  In the winter the most common hunting form is to you use bait for attracting animals. (seasonal)  
    • Big game hunting. This is a tough hunting form it has quotas and regulations that must be followed carefully. To be with this type of hunting we need to have plenty of time to plan your hunting trip. The animals that are eligible for hunting are: Moose, red deer, reindeer and deer. (seasonal)

We can only let you carry a weapon if you have taken a Hunter training and have a Hunter license. Foreign hunters must be allowed to hunt in their own country to be able to hunt in Norway. To be with on a hunting course, we need to be contacted at least 36 hours prior to the course to arrange the hunting license (if you go hunting with your own weapon) and any loan statement if you are going to borrow the weapons from us. People who are not allowed to hunt can of course be with on the hunting trip but you will not be able to bear arms.