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Skåbu is situated in an area with a continental climate. This means that summers are good (often dry with little rain) and cold winters (-25 ° c is no exception) with lots of snow. Snow-sure it is from november to the end of april/mid May. Cold you will think …. that is cold! But due to the dry air, windless and sunny weather it often feels very different than you expect. The Norwegians have a golden rule which they have been using for centuries; two weeks after Easter all the snow will be gone.

Bustad Hyttetun is located  900 metres above sea level which is similar to the Alps at about 1500 meters. Because of the height the humidity very low. Bustad Hyttetun is located just below the tree line. You only need to make a small walk up the hill behind our House (direction Gråhø) to get above the tree line and you have great views all around.

Special are the long, bright days in the summer. The end of June/beginning of July Shimmers from ca. 23: 00 to 02: 00. So its not really dark.

Bustad Hyttetun is located on the southern slope of the mountain Gråhø and has a view on the mountains of Fefor and Gålå, in the winter the Sun rises just above the mountains ensuring we don’t have dark winter days. The sun is above the mountains from around 10 am and around 3 pm starts dusk.

It can even happen that you can enjoy the polar lights in January or February. It is very depending on the weather circumstances if you can see it, but it’s not unlikely that you can have glimpse of it on bright winter evening!

The weather forecast for the next few days and the snow forecast can be found at the links below.

Weather Forecast: Skåbu

Snow info: Snow info Gålå (= nearest alpine area at 15 km-as the crow flies, but 45 min. driving)

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